Grandmother Talks

Hina na ho ho henay, Hina na ho ho henay, this line from the familiar song by Susan Aglukark ran through my head as I presented myself to the guides and grandmothers. My question to them was, “what would you tell me about menopause”? They were silent except for the song, waiting and watching what I would do. “Is she afraid to get out of that chair do you think? Can she see us here?” “Singing is what is needed - vibration and waves.” 

So I got up from my chair, put on my shawl and began to sing for them. Hina na ho ho henay, Hina na ho ho henay, Indaya, Hina na ho ho henay, Indaya. Lift me higher, Creator, lift my spirit higher and when I am as high as I can go, lift me higher still.”… The grandmothers liked this and I could see them coming closer until not only my singing filled the room but the voices of many others. It went on and on, eyes closed, moving to the vibration, the song making its own path and intensity like a wave rising and falling. I could feel the energy building as I moved in a circle, still unseeing and being lead by spirit. Eventually the energy waned and the singing came to an end.

“Now sit, be open and we will share with you.”

“Your vibration is shifting from woman/mother/sister to older/wise woman. The change in the vibration of the energy field shows itself in the body at a physical level. The adjustment must be met gracefully, gradually and with calm. So be awake to it! Track it. Engage with it. Any chaotic imbalances already present in your life style will be like volcanic eruptions as you transform from woman to wise woman.” 

Traditionally, women take the council of each other at this time of their lives. Sharing wisdom, talking, engaging each other as they work in their families and communities. Support is a big word here – mutual support. Get a menopause buddy. It is also a time of clearing out emotional imbalances, a final cleansing as it were, to reach a place of change – a new place of groundedness and transformation. Sit. Sit alone as well, and open yourself to your experiences both past and present. Open yourself to the teachings of your life, journal them, let them speak. 

Move over, make room, and create sacred space for you to welcome this opening. 

Create and express yourself because transformation should be celebrated. It isn’t a small affair!

Published in TONE Magazine, March issue 2005