Rebuttal by Upledger

Physical therapy, 1995, Vol.75(4), pp.328-30 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

In October 1994, Physical Therapy published a research report by Virginia Wirth-Pattullo, PT, and Karen W Hayes, PhD, PT, entitled “Interrater Reliability of Craniosacral Rate Measurements and Their Relationship With Subjects' and Examiners' Heart and Respiratory Rate Measurements.”

In their report, the authors have put forth a few rather sweeping and insupportable contentions upon which I would like to comment. Please allow me the privilege of condensing and paraphrasing the authors' report as I respond to each point.

The authors contend that evidence in favor of the existence of craniosacral rhythmical activity is lacking and that palpatory technique has not been studied. They further state that we should stop practicing craniosacral therapy because craniosacral rhythmical activity may not actually exist.


I suggest that a quote by Rudolph Virchow, the highly honored German pathologist, is appropriate: “Absence of proof does not necessarily indicate proof of absence.”…