Woman Nation

photo of mom and child

"You are from the Woman Nation - that requires no further introductions." 

Women are powerful. Ask anyone who has raised children, or worked two jobs, or pulled an all nighter to meet a deadline at work. Where does that power come from? It comes from the inside - from our spirit. 

In this fast paced world, we are called upon to do many things and to be many things to many people. From beginning places of finding our way in the world, through the sandwich years of supporting parents, children, and partners, to the wise woman years of quiet and wisdom. We hold the space for those around us: the hub of the family and community. 

In addition to this, we are also experiencing physical changes on a moment-to-moment basis. Our bodies walk with the ebb and flow of Grandmother Moon responding to the pulls of nature and the earth. We are the water carriers of Mother Earth. Our babies are carried in and birthed through water. And we are responsible for the water for this and future generations: both the internal and external waters. At an unconscious level, our cycles respond to and keep track of the daily, monthly and yearly cycles of the earth. 

So it is very important that we take care of ourselves. We need to nourish ourselves and take time to build our inner strength. One of the Mother Earth teachings is of balancing the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental aspects of ourselves. Take a moment now and breath deeply. Check inside and ask yourself. "Where do I spend my energy?" "Where do I spend most of my time?" Is it in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual? Then ask yourself what part of your personal wheel could use a tune up? 

Checking in with your personal energy is something that I do in my Reiki practice. Together we look at your situation from a holistic point of view; we identify weak areas and ways of keeping you strong. With permission I nourish the body/mind with life-force energy. Negativity and blocked areas in the body are released through co-created sessions. 

Physically the energy boosts the immune system and assists the body in healing itself. As a result, everyday ups and downs become more manageable. Stress, a normal part of all of our lives, becomes easier to handle. 

The life-force flows through our auras and into our bodies through our chakras and meridians, nourishing organs and cells. The natural flow of energy in the body is re-set and opened up bringing renewed energy to bodily functions that have been suppressed through negativity, illness or dis-ease. The body's vibration level is increased promoting harmony and well being. So if you are feeling low, over stressed or disempowered, why not see for yourself how the loving energy of SPIRIT WELL REIKI can help?

Published in TONE Magazine, January 2004 issue