Reiki 2nd Degree and Review

  • by Anna
  • Jul 29, 2013
  • Ongoing - One on One with the Master

Reiki 2nd Degree is a next step and Practitioner level that further explores you personal progress with the reiki system, mantras, symbols and distance healing. The time is usually distributed over 3 sessions (~2 hrs each). It is an opportunity both to review / learn, as well as, to check in with your personal growth process with the Reiki system of healing.

You will learn to incorporate Reiki into your everyday life, be able to tell the Reiki Story, to use symbols and mantras appropriate to this degree — a level of consciousness beyond metaphor, what are symbols, and how they become sacred. Understand the Reiki principles, work toward becoming a Reiki Practitioner, and perform distance healing. Practice a reiki exchange for 21 days and attend a follow-up session one month later.

Classes are scheduled in small groups or individual one-on-one determined by the Master.
Fee:          $500.00 plus GST
Fee to revise the symbols: $45.00 (already Reiki 2nd Degree with me)
Teacher:    Anna Green, Reiki Master