Anna provides a number of different workshops and classes including a series of health directed programs: menopause wellness, healing circles, reiki share circles, and children's singing circles. These workshops look at the many aspects of being whole, healthy and build inner wisdom from a symbolic as well as holistic point of view. Get empowered, informed, educated, and armed with tools to your own wellness!

Yoga for Girl Guides

  • by Anna
  • Jul 29, 2005
  • Local Girl Guide Meeting Locations

photo of yoga childWork toward your Feel Good Badge through this 1-hour yoga class. It reminds children of the simple joy of moving their bodies. Feeling confident, relaxing into the breathing and visualization, working together, letting inner peace and harmony shine forth. Centering, gentle and non-competitive movement that builds strong, flexible, and healthy bodies. All girls ages 9-12 welcome.

Children's Singing Circles

  • by admin
  • Oct 19, 2004
  • Previously at Elmdale Public School

Singing is one of nature's ways of expressing joy. Using the voice opens up the body and creates a healthy vibration. Children come to this naturally and love to sing. 

Anna has sung with children in schools. Drums, rattles, and shakers are used to explore rhythm, different kinds of beats and connect to the heartbeat within. Contact me for information.